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  • Kocaeli GoTürkiye

    Known as “Türkiye's industrial center” Kocaeli, with its 3,000 years of history, natural beauty, and the center of winter sports in Kartepe has many tourist attractions.



    Kocaeli is known for its coast to the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara and its proximity to İstanbul. It has become a center of attraction with its historical monuments, museums, mosques, natural beauties, beaches, plateaus and hiking trails.



    Standing out with its natural beauty despite being an industrial area, Kocaeli has many locally branded products specific to the region.



    Kocaeli is a city where the traditions and customs of each region's culture are kept alive, as it has hosted different cultures throughout the ages. It is possible to find the flavors of every region in this rich Kocaeli cuisine.



    Kartepe will be a great escape point for those who want to get away from the vibe of the city and get cool and fresh air by touching snowy land. There are also alternative facilities for those who want to ski or snowboard.



    Hear the sound of the waterfalls flowing as you walk the paths of the natural parks and walk under the shade of the trees with the sound of birds.

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    in Kocaeli

    Ballıkayalar Nature Park, located on the border of Tavşanlı Village of Gebze, Kocaeli will be an excellent route for rock climbing and trekking.



    10 vibes for Kocaeli

    like locals

    You can enjoy Kartepe all four seasons of the year. You can walk to the summit of the mountain in spring, witness the colorful visual of nature, or you can also enjoy the snow in Kartepe by skiing in winter.