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    Karamürsel Baskets

    Karamürsel baskets were produced for the harvest, transportation, and storage of agricultural products early on. Later, the product range was expanded with use in different areas to serve different purposes. The most important feature of the Karamürsel basket, which is a very practical, useful, and simple hand carrying tool woven from chestnut trees, is that it allows fresh fruit collected from trees to be carried without damage.

    Hereke Carpets and Rugs

    Hereke Carpets and Rugs are produced in Hereke, in Kocaeli's Körfez district. The production of Hereke Carpets with the double knot technique makes it different from other carpets. First-class silk, wool, and cotton are used as raw materials in carpet making. Hereke carpets with a history of 200 years are known as the thinnest and strongest carpets in the world. Because they are 100% handmade, it can take years to complete one. The designs on these carpets, are famous Ottoman patterns drawn by the most famous designers of the Ottoman period and are now known all over the world.

    Kandıra Cloth

    Kandıra Cloth, which has a history of two thousand years in Anatolia, is a linen fabric known for its durability. Kandıra Cloth is made by weaving with a type of yarn obtained from the flax plant on the weaving looms which are special to Kandıra. The raw material of Kandıra Cloth is the linen fiber yarn obtained by drying the stem of the flax plant, whose natural color is dull and dark. Products such as tea sets, shirts, table sets, nightgowns, tablecloths, bed linen are produced from thin yarn, while others like trousers, sacks, and rugs are produced from thick yarns.

    Kartepe Ski Center

    Kartepe Ski Center (Kartepe Kayak Merkezi), one of the most important centers of ski tourism, hosts thousands of ski lovers every year. Kartepe appeals to all kinds of ski enthusiasts with its tracks suitable for all difficulty levels.


    Kerpe, the hidden paradise of Kocaeli, fascinates those who see it with its enchanting sunset view. Kerpe Kartal Cliffs (Kerpe Kartal Kayalıkları) on the shore are the best-known symbol of the region. Rocks were formed by the erosion of waves and winds over the years. These rock formations with a legendary view are located just above Kerpe Beach (Kerpe Plajı). These rocks offer a unique photo and video shooting experience.